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Environmentalist Coterie is an Institution dedicated passionately to educating, orientating motivating and helping stakeholders of the environment (students and non-students) in a bid to equip, empower and challenge them to proffer lasting solutions to this generation’s city crisis and the next.

The Greenschools Project

There continues to be a growing concern about the state of the environment, yet we are often confused by the complexities of economic, ethical, political, and social issues related to it. Daily, there are references in the news media to environmental issues, such as global climate change, ozone depletion, dwindling resources, famine, disease, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and continuing job losses in many communities. The environmental issues we face, both as individuals and within our broader society, are now so pervasive and ingrained within our cultural ways of being that we can no longer look to science and technology alone to solve these problems.

Working to integrate environmental learning within all subject areas promotes the change in attitude by providing students with opportunities to experience and investigate the relationships linking individuals, societies, and natural surroundings. Education about, in and for the environment provides students with opportunities to learn about the functioning of natural systems, to identify their beliefs and opinions, consider a range of views, and ultimately makes informed and responsible choices for themselves, their families and communities.

Grassroot environmental education is therefore a panacea to the re-engineering of our depleted environmental society. This informed the existence of The GreenSchools project.